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Dental Veneers – Good For Kids?

Kids often get mixed messages when they visit their favorite child star with a perfect set of teeth. Few people are born with a perfect smile and child stars are no exception. Despite the fact that their parents might be more receptive to the concept of outfitting their son or daughter’s teeth with veneers, you should not be willing. Most would agree that these children are subject to particular conditions, holding a profession that requires them to always be in the public spotlight. Your kid, on the other hand, does not have any valid reasons to take the most extreme path to a perfect smile.

Dental veneers require extensive removal of tooth structure, sometimes up to 2mm. This permits the veneers to have a natural look and gives them a rough surface to bond to. The hidden issue is that this arrangement can never be replaced. The child will need to wear veneers or another restoration for the remainder of their lives. If their first or subsequent set of veneers is installed incorrectly, and rust is permitted to develop their teeth might be rendered irreparable. This isn’t as rare as people make it out to be.

What will often happen is that a cosmetic dentist will leave a gap between the gum line and veneers, giving bacteria a small region to wreak havoc on. This may lead to gum disease if gone unnoticed, permanently jeopardizing the structural integrity of their teeth. If you would like to protect your child against these acute dental problems in the future, explore other alternatives such as braces. Braces might not be the most aesthetically appealing option, but they do not result in any irreversible damage to the teeth.

Sure, treatment will take longer periods of time but your children will eventually accustomed to sporting orthodontia. After all, most college children have or now wear braces. If the look of braces is really a concern, lingual braces or Invisalign may be a fantastic option. These are more expensive but are without question a better alternative to dental hygiene for children.

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